Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Bird Breath

Just a quickie today. Thom and I are off to take Nana to the FlyOver Canada 4D experience for her birthday. She is so excited! The family already joined her at the Reifel Bird Sanctuary on Sunday for the big celebration. It was raining when we got there but kindly let up so we didn't get too cold and muddy. Here's The Birthday Girl feeding the chickadees:

I managed to bring along my iPad since it's the only functional camera I've got at the moment. I had great fun switching between the regular camera and Hipstamatic. We saw owls, five in all: two great horns and three saw-whets. Very cute!

We fed the ducks:

We watched the sandhill cranes:

And the silly coots:

And saw a pair of bald eagles way up high:

The wetlands of Westham Island are particularly beautiful this time of year:

OK, it's beautiful any time of the year! 

And then we all went and had pizza, mac & cheese and birthday cheesecake with warm raspberry sauce. Yum!
Happy 88th, Nana!


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Anonymous said...

Nana looks very spry for her age - Happy Birthday to her. Hope you all enjoy flying over Canada! Great pictures - I need advice on an ipad to take to Japan, any words of wisdom?