Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Another FO

Another FO! I finally finished my Still Dark tunic/dress after 2 months of knitting. Yay! And I love it. Totally worth the time it took to make.
Just check out those amazing pockets! It fits well and even though the yarn isn't the softest out there it isn't uncomfortable against the skin. At least my skin. Even though it's wool it's quite lightweight and breezy to wear - as I did all day today. However the ease is generous enough that I could wear another top underneath for extra warmth if needed.
The pattern is Still Light by Veera Välimäki. Over 2500 other Knitter's have used this pattern so I would say it's a hit! The yarn is of course from Deep Stash: 2/8 Shetland tweed in "Macbeth" and 2/30 worsted in "charcoal", both yarns held together. I got plenty of spit-splice practice because they both kept breaking. You can't see the repairs at all. Mods were adding more increases at the side seams to add some fluff room and continuing decreases on the sleeves all the way to the cuffs to narrow them more. I used smaller needles for the neckband and cuffs but should probably have also gone down a size for the hem ribbing since it's a little bit baggier than I'd like. If it annoys me I can always pull it out and do it again. But I probably won't.
I also finished spinning up the Mahogany Falklands yarn thanks to a mad push yesterday. I've already started the sweater: Flare also by Veera. I'm obviously a fangirl, aren't I? I do love her patterns. They're clean and simple but not too plain, usually with a bit of a twist that keeps the knitting from being too boring. The construction, at least on the two patterns I've used, is top-down in one piece - my favourite. She has several more I would love to make too.
Unfortunately though sweater knitting for me lately means a lot more work than just the knitting. I have committed to working from the stash in a big way which means...spinning the yarn first. And that means often there is wool prep to do even before I can sit down and spin. Which is just what I have been working diligently on for the past few weeks. I'm trying to finish carding the remaining baby Romney fleece. I swear there is no bottom to that pillowcase I stored it in! 
Oh, and before I forget to mention it, I bought Klaas, my Louët S90 spinning wheel, a present: a new sliding hook flyer. So much nicer than regular hooks and so easy to adjust quickly and to fill the bobbin evenly. The yarn doesn't pop off when plying madly either. It only came in the mail yesterday and I've already put it to the test plying the last 200g of the Falklands wool. It passed with flying colours. (Har-har!)
Klaas is happy and I'm happy too. The flyer had to be special-ordered (through Jane Stafford) since they no longer make S90 wheels. I only knew that Louët had made a limited run of them a short while ago and those had the sliding hook flyer (as does my Victoria) so I knew the thing existed. I was very patient because it took nearly four months to arrive. Just in time. More spinning to come. As soon as I finish carding. Good thing I'm as much about the process as the product, huh?


Sharon in Surrey said...

You certainly are a busy little Bee. All that knitting - yes, those pockets are pretty neat!!!! But it's sooooooo one dark color. LOL I know, I know. And pretty handy, I'll bet. Colored leggings, a scarf, a cowl, a hat, PURPLE Birkies??? Anyway, you did a great job. And I wish I had one of those winder gadgets on my Old Indian. A HUGE bobbin would be sooo wonderful with a self feeding automatic winder on it.

Louisa said...

Yes, I do wear brighter colours with this sweater! Charcoal grey goes with everything.

My new flyer isn't a Woolee Winder. The sliders don't move unless I stop and shift them. But it's much nicer than hooks! I don't actually like the automatic winders much. The treadling is heavier and you need to buy all new bobbins as well as the flyer. Not happening.

Anonymous said...

What a great dress. I hope you'll model it for us sometime.
Thanks for all your posts.
Vancouver Barbara

Louisa said...

Thanks so much, Barbara! Hope you are doing well and keeping busy.