Tuesday, May 17, 2016

New Home For An Old Project

I've had this sweater for a long time and really wasn't sure what to do with it. It's handspun from woolcombed Corriedale fleece in a lovely taupe-brown. From my notes (yes, I found them) I finished it in 2000 so that makes it 16 years old. The pattern is called "Swedish Thora" by Elsebeth Lavold from Knitter's magazine 56, Fall 1999.
The photos don't show the colour very accurately. Or the texture since it's mostly seed stitch! Plus it is very large as the oversized style was back then and also knit flat in pieces and seamed. In other words, an awful lot of work! Even though it doesn't suit my body shape I have worn it quite a lot but apart from a little pilling it's still in good condition. What to do?
The solution has presented itself! We had a fambly barbecue on Mother's Day and the wind was rather chilly so I lent the sweater to Milady Daughter. And...it fits her perfectly and is very flattering on her! But wait. I didn't just hand it over. Selfish damselfly could part with the sweater but couldn't part with the buttons on it. 
You see I bought those pewter darlings on our one-and-only trip to the Yukon in Whitehorse at a lovely shop that no longer exists. They are petroglyph sheep! Plus I was two short for the sweater so I had to order them by mail. Precioussss...
Milady Daughter was happy enough to have them swapped out so I perused the extensive button shelves at Dressew and came up with these aged brass ones:
They're slightly bigger and incidentally stay buttoned better. I think the colour works with the sweater better too:
I've carefully de-pilled as much as I can and since I've already washed it recently I can present it to its new owner the next time I see her. The best part is I know she will appreciate the work that went into this sweater and will take good care of it because she also is a spinner and knitter although she's never made a sweater herself. Yet. Meanwhile I can make more sweaters for me! Which I have done. But that's another story.    

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Sharon in Surrey said...

I've always admired that pattern & thought about making it for myself for years. You did a beautiful job. Too bad you can't wear it but you certainly found a good home with another Spinner who will appreciate it. AND you get to see it being used. Good call. Lucky Daughter.