Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Not For Coffee

Hello, my darlings! It's relatively cold and rather rainy today. Makes me glad for woolly shawls, just saying. However yesterday had a bright and sunny evening which helped a lot to dry my latest FO. I give you the Thinking About Tea cosy:
The pattern is actually called Thinking About Coffee by Lisa Risager but since I hate coffee we won't go there, OK? I made this cosy to cover our Bodum that we keep in the Westie to use for brewing our tea while we're camping. No coffee has ever come in contact with it! Whew. It doesn't keep the tea hot though so I found the last leftover ball of my vintage handspun yarn and went to it. I was playing a desperate game of knitting chicken at the end because I was sure I was going to run out but I made it with a couple of yards to spare. Yay!
As it came off the needles the beast was huge! I was worried that it wouldn't felt down enough to fit the pot:
I started fulling it in a dishpan by hand but finally ended up throwing it through the washing machine on a hot wash/cold rinse which finally did the trick. The Romney wool that I spun this yarn from so many years ago takes quite awhile to full but it does work eventually. It comes out very fuzzy! I hope it will add some insulation properties to the cosy. At least it fits very nicely now:
A rather simple pattern but there's even a hole in the top for the handle of the press and the loop is very handy for manipulating it on and off. We will be giving the cosy a trial run later this month when we go on our annual camping trip with the fambly in Manning Park. Looking forward to the getaway but it needs to warm up and dry off again somewhat before then.
More camping accessories projects to come. I hope. Currently I'm digging through the fabric stash and pinning ideas to my Pinterest board. Wish I spent nearly as much time actually accomplishing something though!


Sharon in Surrey said...

Now THAT'S a GREAT idea!!! I also have a coffee-maker that I use only for TEA, but it's connected to the electrical outlet so keeping it hot isn't a problem. BUT camping is another story. I think you've come up with the ideal solution!!! I love the shape! And the fuzziness!!

Louisa said...

We were jokingly calling it Cousin It (from the Addams Family if you remember back that far). Now I need another cosy for the kitchen tea pot. The one I have is rug hooked but it's really stained and the lining is worn off.

Sharon in Surrey said...

Go for it!! I think the Pot deserves a new gown!! And I remember Cousin It even though we weren't really tv watchers back then. We never missed Star Trek, Bonanza, The Big Valley, GunSmoke, Dragnet & Disneyland.