Saturday, June 18, 2016


Just thought you'd like to see the results of my weavers' guild tea towel exchange. This is my group's haul so far:
There's one missing still. Well she had a legitimate excuse! Poor thing broke her shoulder in a skiing accident. We insisted that she accept her exchange towels and now we await her contribution which should be ready by the end of summer. Don't they coordinate nicely? Can you recognize mine? If you'll remember we used this photo of a Yellowstone hot spring as inspiration:
I'm really happy I participated in this swap. It had a couple of benefits. I got the stalled Summer & Winter placemats off the loom, successfully planned and wove the tea towel warp, and regained some of my rusty weaving skills. Now maybe I can find the incentive to finally chuck out some of the most worn-out old towels in the drawer? Some of them must be 20 years old at least and are long overdue for the ragbag. I need the space for the new ones.
The other two groups had some really lovely towels to show us as well but they all used a different theme or inspiration. Most were cotton, some mercerised but mostly unmercerised, and a few included some cottolin (50/50 cotton/linen). Thirsty fibres make for good drying towels! And yes, they will be used. Possibly abused. And eventually rags. That's what they were made for.
In other news I've finished making a cover/stand for my iPad. Sadly I discovered that I can't take photos of it with the iPad in place! It turned out pretty well though. More soon.  


Sharon in Surrey said...

Love the color!!! I hope you really enjoy your haul! And how's that Tea Cozy coming??? I really, really love the first one. Did I say that already??? hahahaha

Anonymous said...

wow, beautiful towels. Enjoy.