Saturday, October 29, 2016


I know it's not quite November yet but I've decided to start a new challenge for myself in honour of my birth month. I keep seeing all these lovely bloggers and Instagramers out there photographing and/or illustrating their daily outfits, enthusing about their "me-mades" and generally putting themselves out there. I, on the other hand, keep photographing my makes on Debbie Double or having them just lying around limply. So instead I'm turning a new leaf. (Hah!) For at least one month I'm going to try to establish a new habit and actually photograph ME! Ack! Can you stand it?

In order to accomplish this feat without bugging poor Thom, I have purchased an iPad holder for my tripod. I also have ordered a remote control but it's still stuck in limbo somewhere on a slow boat from who knows where. Tracking promises sometime towards the end of November. Guess that's what I get for ordering a cheap item with free postage from that ubiquitous online source beginning with the letter A but with fulfillment from someone else, huh? I haven't given up hope yet. But meanwhile just to start somewhere, here's today's outfit:

Please pardon the artificial lighting. It's absolutely pouring rain and very dark and dingy out there. Too dark to see what I'm wearing without help today in any case. Probably will be that way pretty much until next spring!

So lets get personal here. The details are:

  • Scrappy jumper, MM (Me-Made)
  • Red-brown stretch-knit dress, MM
  • Grey marl fleece leggings, SB (Store-Bought)
  • Red-brown knit socks, MM
  • Undies (bra, panties and sock liners), SB
  • Shoes, grey mary-janes

This is my first time assembling this particular combination and I think it works together reasonably well. I'm warm and comfy which is My First Rule of getting dressed every day. Oh, BTW, hopefully you're going to see this post's title a lot in the coming month. It stands for:

What We Wore - My Me-Mades

OK so give me some literary licence. I'm using the royal "we" here! The acronym looked better that way.

In other news, we managed to get in a nice walk to Granville Island yesterday. I especially wanted to see the Setsuko Torii exhibit at the Silk Weaving Studio. Her machine- and hand-knitted garments and accessories are delightful and make great use of some of the more exotic yarns available from vendors like Habu. Setsuko was recently teaching a workshop for Maiwa in how to design and work with these special yarns such as paper, starched silk, linen, superfine mohair/silk etc. I enjoyed getting a chance to not only see but touch the pieces. Yum. Inspiring.

Meanwhile in the continuing saga of the computer switcheroo, I managed to permanently toast nearly all the iBook files on my iPad. Don't ask. Lets just say Apple and especially iTunes are not in my good books at the moment. Nothing else exciting is happening around here. Moving right along...


Marlene Golden said...

The outfit is nice. Good job! And I understand how difficult it is to switch to a new computer as I am in the process of doing that same thing right now! My Windows XP was on it's last legs so I went ahead and bought a new Dell with Windows 10. Just moving everything over is so time consuming and now I'm trying to install software. I started reading blogs to clear my mind and saw how you are in the same boat!

Louisa said...

Ooh, lovely to have a new commenter! Welcome, Marlene.

And my goodness, is setting up a new computer an amazingly long and painful process! Ugh. But it'll be great when it's done, right? (She keeps reminding herself...)

Sharon in Surrey said...

Well, you DO know how I feel about all the black & grey but I'm always pleased about being warm & you DO look cozy!! I have also learned the value of cocoon jackets & extra long wristlets.

Aren't all your IBook purchases saved on the site where you purchased them??? My eBooks & Audible books are.

Louisa said...

I didn't purchase any of the iBook items that got lost! They were PDFs that I downloaded or blog posts that my iPad saved for me as PDFs. I think all the knitting patterns at least are safe on Ravelry where I can redownload them if I don't already have them somewhere else. But there were tutorials I would have liked to keep. Never mind. Life is too short to worry about it!

Melanie said...

Oh, bummer about losing your files!!! I just went through that too, as you know.

I love the photo of you in that cool dress. Don't worry - you remote will get here. They usually exaggerate the delivery times anyway so you will be pleasantly surprised before the end of November, at least I hope so.

pao said...

What a lovely dress, the whole ensemble is very arty, Louisa. Again, is that your own design or a riff off a pattern. So glad you're doing photos now. Good luck with the computer biz.

Louisa said...

Thanks for the kind comments, my friends! And yes, pao, that's my own design made from leftover scraps. The bodice is my own t-shirt block and the rest was draped on Debbie Double.