Saturday, November 12, 2016

Feeling A Little Crabby

No, I don't just mean the political situation south of us. (Though that too.) I've got some gorgeous crab cactus flowers:

That's some of the flowers on the orange one against a backdrop of my spider plant. And then there's this one:

Full bloom! Enjoy quick because each flower only lasts a day or two once they open all the way. I really think they enjoy their summer vacation on their patio in the shade. When I brought them in last month they already had lots of buds on them. The Christmas cactuses are budding too but they'll be later in coming out. And of course the disocactuses don't bloom until early summer when they're already outside. It's nice having lots of pretty blooms in the house to brighten up the grey November days.

And more crabby stuff:

A single crab leg for Hermie that took me hours to make! I do think it turned out rather well though and I didn't make any mistakes this time. There's even a doubled chenille stem inside that allows the limb to pose. Now I just need to make another one! And 4 legs. And a head, eyestalks and whiskers. And then to put them all together and into the shell. Whew. Good thing I have not only knitting skills but plenty of experience making stuffed toys. This one is the most complex thing I've tackled yet! Definitely not for the faint of heart but the instructions are very well written. I just had to go back and reread some of the earlier chapters in order to familiarize myself with Hansi's techniques. More body parts to come.

Today's outfit is all fresh:

  • Rosa Grey tunic, MM (my mistake made the tails very long!)
  • Princess cowl-neck tunic, MM (poly/lycra knit fabric)
  • Texture-blocked leggings, SB
  • Winter's Dark socks, MM
  • Black Blundstone boots
  • Not shown: Grey Japanese jacket, SB

Dressed for: Walking to the winter farmers' market.


Sharon in Surrey said...

Yup - mine are all in full bloom as well & they didn't even get outside!!! But I repotted them this year & gave them a nice long dry spell & a good watering once the buds formed. You should see them!!!!

pao said...

Nice to see full blooms! Not happening at my place. You're great at layering, not to mention sewing and knitting.

Louisa said...

I bet your flowers are gorgeous, Sharon!

And thank you for the kind compliment, pao. It means a lot coming from you since you are amazing at layering yourself!