Thursday, November 10, 2016

Wind Me Up

It was good to go visit a friend yesterday for tea and weaving talk. We didn't quite avoid discussing the crazy events from south of us but we didn't let it spoil our time together. What can you say about something like that? Along with the rest of the world we are waiting to see what happens. Hope, my friends, is all you can do right now. Wish for some sense to prevail before things end up going down a very dark road.

Let's move on, shall we? I finished winding all the potential blanket warp yarns from skeins into balls:

And now I'm ready to start winding the warp. Next I need to wind some of the potential weft yarns into skeins:

These are mostly finer singles and all the yarns are (I hope!) 100% wool. I will be overdyeing everything with a strong green in hopes of toning it all enough so the wild colours will work together. It'll be fun! And wonderful to get this lot out of my stash and onto my bed. Winter is coming!

Though you couldn't say that with the weather we've had recently. The daffodils are starting to poke up and all the leaves aren't off the trees yet. Today is mostly sunny and we haven't even had a proper frost yet this year. Today's outfit is nearly the same as yesterday but with one addition:

It's nearly always chilly in our house during the day because we keep the heat down. Layers with wool are good. Though you can tell I'm not that cold because my sleeves are pushed up. Maybe the sweater is coming off again?


Sharon in Surrey said...

Wow - that's going to be one interesting blanket - even with a green overdye. My Everbearing Strawberry has blossoms on it!!! And the Christmas Cactus is overflowing with flowers . . . . and the Jade is still outside, under the patio table.

pao said...

It's Yarn Fest!