Tuesday, November 01, 2016


OOPS! Pardon the blog post that ended up reposting out of order. Either I did something I shouldn't have or I found the glitch in the Blogo app. I shall attempt to not repeat the error. Grrr...

Well, we survived Halloween intact though it was a near thing. My favourite trick-or-treater was a very realistic skunk (a boy of about 7) who said, "It's OK! I won't spray"! Then I looked at the bottom of the front stairs where his father stood waiting - a much bigger skunk! It was priceless.

It started out today with a spot of sunshine but we're back to the November gloom again. At least I took my photo while it was still bright enough:

  • La Pine (Cirque) dress, MM
  • Mustard asymmetrical hem T-shirt, MM
  • Rust cropped leggings, MM
  • Fall Pomatomus socks, MM (so old they're from before Ravelry!)
  • Undies (bra, panties, sock liners), SB
  • Olive/khaki Romika strappy shoes

Dressed for: beginning to sort all the yarns for the Scrappy Woven Blanket project.

It'll be good to use up some of these bits and bobs that have been lurking about for decades, some commercial yarns and some handspun. The warp yarns have to be wound into balls if necessary, wound into warp sections, overdyed, threaded and beamed onto the loom. The weft yarns have to be wound into skeins if necessary, overdyed, wound back into balls and then wound onto bobbins. All this before I can even start weaving! I can see this is going to be an ongoing project for this winter.


Anonymous said...

I'm curious, how do you take the pictures on your iPad without a remote? By the way, I am enjoying seeing how you use the clothes I read about you making earlier

Louisa said...

I use the timer! 10 seconds delay, zip in front, pose and wait for a bit before moving. The iPad photographs in a burst of 10 shots with the timer but they are very close together so all nearly the same. I save one and delete the rest. Still waiting on the remote!

pao said...

Another arty ensemble, Louisa. I'm so glad you're taking photos of your makes. Your cirque dress is such a success. Mine was an absolute fail. And such groovy shoes too. So creative. Like anonymous said, it's fun to actually see what you've talked about making on you.