Saturday, November 05, 2016


Today is a reprise of yesterday's outfit except for a change of sweater and the addition of a scarf.

My Swallowtail is actually tiny, more of a scarf, but very yummy in me-dyed merino/cashmere! Over 11,000 knitters have made this shawl. Wow. Like many it was my first experience with nupps. They got easier the more I knit them and now I'm actually a fan. I know many knitters would rather use beads instead and that's a great option but nupps are softer and look especially evocative in the lily-of-the-valley pattern.

On the other hand, the cardigan came out larger than I expected. Yes, I swatched! No, the lace grew more somehow after I blocked it. As we all know, swatches lie. The yarn was high quality merino commercially spun for machine knitting. It's holding up very well after 8 years of wear.

Dressed for: housekeeping


Sharon in Surrey said...

That's the yarn you dyed with your own madder, isn't it???? I really like it with that sweater!!! I think your RED hat should go nicely with it too. And I don't think it's too big - gawd knows we need oversized, warm sweaters right now with all this damn rain.

Louisa said...

Actually no, this yarn was dyed with acid dyes. And yes, red would be good too. I very nearly grabbed the red scarf but decided this one was softer and snugglier.

pao said...

It's great to see you showcase your makes, Louisa. So much nicer to see them on, then just laying there!