Thursday, April 20, 2017

Resistance Was Futile

I couldn't help myself! I started the Sunny James pullover:

I know. I still have a pair of socks and a shawl on the needles. And there's a blanket warp that I haven't touched in months! Poor thing is stuck about 1/4 of the way along the winding part. We will not speak about how much more work there is to do with the dyeing and warping and weaving and finishing! I haven't given it up entirely. It's just on hiatus.

James is a fairly straightforward top-down raglan sweater with a flared body and 7/8 length sleeves by Amy Miller. Yeah, the second sweater in a row from that designer. Hey, I only just realised it! I have a couple of minor modifications that will make it more useful in my wardrobe one of which is to make it longer. Maybe with some short row curves on the hem? A lot depends on how much yarn I will have available since I only dyed 3 skeins. More on this as it goes on. Meanwhile, I haven't totally given up on my other neglected knits. I'm at the heel turns on both of the socks for Thom and I've made some significant progress on the shawl.

Anyway, backing up to show off my finished Isabel cardi, here's Debbie Double wearing it while it dried properly:

It took several days to dry! Note the darker area at the hem is just a shadow. There are a lot of those around here these days. And here it is on lil' ol' me:

The Espresso Heather colour looks different in every photo and the weather has not been cooperating for photographing outdoors. Talk about changeable! The picture of the sweater on Debbie is probably closest. It's a really useful neutral in my wardrobe. I'm really happy with how this turned out - eventually - and it's quite lightweight but still cosy and warm. I'm getting quite a nice selection of well-fitting sweaters now!

So the garden progress has slowed down to a crawl because I just came down with yet another Holiday Bug! Remember when I caught the last one right after Christmas? This one showed up right after Easter. Grrr...I'm supposed to be at my weavers' guild meeting right now. Instead I'm drinking buckets of tea and snurfling into my hankie. I wonder how long I'll be able to keep my eyes open this evening because I sure didn't sleep more than a wink last night thanks to the fever and body aches. Stuff happens, eh? I'm trying not to wallow in my disappointment.

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