Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Alrighty Then

That seems to have gone alright so let’s continue.

I’ve been plugging away on Thom’s sweater. I have 10” of the body knit and am nearly at the end of the second ball (with one more to go until I need to finish spinning more):

I really like this Garter Rib pattern and it seems like it will be nice and warm too. It does eat quite a lot of yarn though! I nearly have enough spun up again to ply another 3 skeins. I will probably need even more than that before I’m done. Luckily I bought a 10-pound bag of this Coopworth, huh? I wat at least one more and maybe two more sweaters out of it. It would be fun to overdye the warm gray too. But not on this pullover. Thom likes the natural shade just the way it is.

In the weaving department I’m about 2/3s of the way through the Stashbuster Blanket. I came on a whole mess of knots (some of the yarn wasn’t the best) and it took awhile to get past that section. There’s still a few knots to go:

That’s the back of the loom for the non-weavers out there. I’m getting there.

Alright. Off to get some work done. I have an experiment to perform. I’ll let you know how it goes.


pao said...

All I can say is Oh My. That's a whole lot of threads/ strings (?) you're orchestrating.

Sharon in Surrey said...

I love the pattern in Thom's sweater!! And I like the color as well. Although I like bright colors, I find I prefer the natural ones in handspun - I just may be too lazy to dye my own or it may be fear of more allergic reactions but grey fleeces really excite me. Good luck on your blanket - I would never be able to do that. The very thought of warping that loom would kill me with boredom.

Louisa said...

Not so many! Only 300. 😁 And it’s not that bad to warp the loom. Where I get bored is after weaving about the first 6” and I can see what it looks like. The rest is a slog.

Thom loves those natural colours too. So do I but I also like what happens when you dye over them. Such subtle tones!