Monday, February 19, 2018

Part 2: Coasting On

Well, I spoke too soon about the weather when we woke up at Washburne to rain on Day 3. Always a pain to get packed up while dodging large raindrops! All the way down the coast we played peek-a-boo with the sun alternating with the rain and sometimes both at the same time.

We stopped for lunch at Arch Rock:

The water is so much more clear this time of year! And showing all the different shades of turquoise. Pretty. We also saw four large herds of elk on the way, mostly in the redwoods just after we crossed into California. They look kind of different too when the boys haven’t grown their antlers yet.

There was quite a lot of road construction along the highway in the northern California redwood forests so it took a little longer to get to Patricks Point State Park than we expected. But we still had time to check out the trails and see some of the viewpoints. We climbed up Wedding Rock, here seen from Patricks Point itself:

And the point from Wedding Rock:

Plus we investigated Ceremonial Rock (above). There was a lot more climbing than what you can see here! The top was a little disappointing since it just looks down on the forest or on a field with the ocean farther away. We definitely got our exercise climbing back down again:

Today (Day 4) we woke up to frost overnight and clear skies. We continued down in and out of fog patches to Samuel P. Taylor State Park in Marin County just north of San Francisco. We’re staying tonight among the redwoods. It’s already early spring here. There are daffodils out and on the way we’ve seen flowering pink and white cherry trees, yellow wattles and some magnolias. There are a lot of California bay laurel here, some very large and many-trunked but they have delicate little yellow flowers:

Tomorrow we’re off south again, across the Golden Gate Bridge and down the coast some more for a last few days before heading inland.

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