Monday, May 07, 2018

Damselfly’s Delights Is A Bratty Teenager Now

Yes, again it’s been quite awhile, hasn’t it? I’ve been slaving in my garden since the weather has been warm and sunny. Trying to get all my wee plants in and everything settled for the summer. I even missed my blogiversary yesterday - Happy Number 13! Whew. This is post #1798. That’s a lotta blogging babble, huh?

It’s not like I haven’t been chatting with you - in my head! Sorry you can’t read it there though. I’m planning to do better now that the major work is done on the garden. I need the break for sure. My sewing machine is calling me again. Which reminds me, I never showed you my last make:

This is yet another version of the Hey June Lane Raglan T-shirt which is a big TNT for me. The fabric is a not-quite-black (called Raven on the label) 100% cotton jersey. It’s got minimal cross-wise stretch and virtually no lengthwise stretch but this dress is just loose enough that I can get away with that. The neck binding (cut cross-wise) still is a little floppy. I was afraid to pull it too tight in case I got puckers but erred a little too much in the opposite direction. I was too lazy to pick it out though so it is what it is and quite wearable anyhow. I added pockets, a single layer inseam and topstitched. Gotta have pocketses! The sleeves are elbow length because this was a limited leftover fabric. It’s already proven itself to be a great layering piece. One of the workhorse garments that get made mostly because I have something left over from another project. I’ll have more about the original use for this cotton jersey as soon as I get it sewn.

Another project that I just completed is the Folded & Rusty pullover sweater.

In real life the main yarn’s variegations are not quite so evident. Lots more subtle than the screen shows. I had several issues with this knit but just let’s say I’m glad to be done! Most of them were my own fault though, not the pattern’s. Veera Välimäki definitely knows what’s she’s about. I only had 3 skeins of the Cloudborn fingering twist that I dyed in low-water immersion acid dyes. There was no getting more when I ran out so I ended up adding a skein of Regia sock yarn in Kaffe Fassett colours to the cuffs and yoke. Later I saw a great idea where someone had striped those areas in order to stretch the yarn farther. Oh well, this looks fine. I like the blues and rusts together even though it seems a bit of an odd colour combination. Totally me.

I did a couple of modifications on this pattern including making the body 1” longer, the sleeves 1” shorter (though they’re still nearly full length on me) and starting wider at the hem and decreasing but not increasing again for the bust. I also did a couple more decrease rounds at the neckline and then ribbed to match the hem and cuffs. The pattern just goes ahead and binds off for a loose unconstructed look but that would have made the neckline much too wide for me. I’m happier with the way this (finally!) turned out. Now of course it’s too hot to wear it. Hah.

Not to worry. I just planted my squash and cucumbers. The weather should make a change for the worse very soon now.


pao said...

What a sweet dress and it looks divinely comfortable too. I was wondering if you were off on one of your long distance road trips. Gardening it was. You are one busy bee, Louisa.

Louisa said...

Thank you, darlin’! Nope, no travels for us. We’re hanging around until August when we have a couple of short trips planned.

onesmallstitch said...

happy anniversary, that's a lot of blogging. Keep it up, very enjoyable and appreciated.

Louisa said...

Thanks, Jean sweetie! Same goes for you!