Sunday, May 15, 2005

Rainy Day

OK it hasn't rained all day, but it seems like such a different kind of weather after the warm sunny/cloudy days we've been having this spring. It smells like wet grass and fresh air and flowers and it's quite lovely! But instead of using today as a working day, we went for our usual walk to Chapters/Mayfair for magazines. Found another book on metal clay that focusses more on PMC and has quite a few different techniques in it. This should be it for that subject now. We need to get some actual PMC to play with.

The copying notes from Lapidary Journals project is coming along slowly. I'm not yet halfway through but I had to change the colour cartridge in my printer. This could get quite expensive, I think, but cheaper than buying yet another book or magazine. (Though I will anyway of course!)

I've been trying a little harder to work on my current knitting project, the hoodie. At least I've established that there's enough yarn to finish it! I took out the left front and am re-knitting it — already up to the armhole. Next is the hood and finishing. I found some finer handspun wool in a similar purple to use for the crochet on the front edges. If I run out of that there's some green that will work to sew up with. Then I have to go to Dressew for the zipper. Hopefully I can find a separating zipper in the right size (18") and the right colour! This is of course taking far longer than I planned but it's THE PROCESS THAT COUNTS. I'm emphasing that to remind myself daily.

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