Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Finished Something for a Change

Yesterday I finally finished a-mom's heavy slipper socks. I ran out of the yarn just as I was decreasing for the last toe so I had to go over to Birkeland Bros and get a new ball. It was $9 but Norm gave it to me for $8 -- sweet guy. But I only used about 2 yards of the darn stuff which wouldn't be so bad if it was nice, but I don't like knitting with this wool/acrylic yarn. It's too hard on my hands and the effect isn't all that wonderful. So I don't know what to do with the rest, almost a full 100g ball. Maybe the next kumihimo swap? It's supposed to be Fat Braids so that might fit. Might be really ugly too!

I need to continue on my tidying of my study/studio spaces -- especially the attics before it gets too hot to go in there. I need to do this cleaning stuff before I lose interest and run out of steam. And I need more bookshelves in here! Or a really big purge. Letting go of books and magazines is too hard for me to do though. I vote for putting some away in the attic instead. Onward!

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