Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Mom's Heavy Slippersocks

Here it is, one sock in all its glory! Well, at least they're warm and machine washable. Mom doesn't care what her slipper socks look like as long as her feet aren't cold. She can't even see her feet from her wheelchair with the tray in the way! I like knitting them since it's one thing I can do for her now. Her 93rd birthday is only a couple of months away.

As I mentioned, I didn't much like this yarn. Called Vermont Print by Scheepjes, it's very bulky weight. It worked up quickly, only needing 24 stitches around for the socks which was a big change after 64 to 70 stitches for sock yarn. I found that the printed "blips" were too short for the thickness of the yarn, mostly only showing in half-stitches and looking like dashed lines. In finer yarn the blips go at least a couple of stitches giving a much more fairisle impression. It also split too easily and the ply that was pulled didn't snuggle back where it belonged very well. I won't buy this one again. Handspun yarn is best! Well, for most things anyway.

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