Thursday, May 12, 2005

Organizing Stuff

This is my third day trying to put my Lapidary Journal magazines away in the attic. Probably a silly idea, because I've been finding much of new interest in them now that Thom is doing lampworking and we have a kiln. However there is no room left on my bookshelves and I have to find more space somehow! So I've gone through them for relevant how-to's and I'm trying to scan and print out the pages for both of us. This is going to take a looooong time because there's good pages in every single issue! I even rearranged Thom's lampwork notebook for him with dividers so he has a better chance of finding things later. He was happy about that. He knows he would never get around to doing that himself. Next it's on to the Ornament magazines, which have very few how-to's in them luckily. Then maybe I'll have room for any further beady aquisitions.

UFO Progress: Not much!

I'm going to have to take the left front of my fuzzy hoodie out because I started it incorrectly. Good thing there are so few stitches involved, but I can't start that until I finish the back piece. Nobody else would notice the mistake except I know it's there so it would drive me nuts unless I fix it. Hope there's enough yarn to finish this sweater because I can't reproduce the spinning again after 15 years. Luckily I can always make a stand-up collar instead of a hood if necessary, but so far it's looking good.

I've done about 3 stitches on Estarisa's grandbaby sweater. I'm getting to the part where I have to do the intarsia square so it gets fiddly and not mindless. Good thing it's sized for a one year old and he was only born in January! I've got several socks in mind too, plus another sweater for Kiera's first birthday to finish by August so I'd better get knittin' soon. I've gotta be the world's slowest knitter but with big intentions.

There's also the half-finished boa on the loom, the slipcovers for the living room chairs, and the half-finished hooked headboard which I haven't touched for ages. We won't even discuss the clothing that I want to sew. I always think there are more hours in the day than there are. Oh well, it's the process that counts not the finished item. Right?

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