Tuesday, August 02, 2005

I'm Stuck!

I'm trying to lose the last 10 pounds that I need to get rid of. I've been very very good for the last week and I've lost a total of one pound. Waahhh!! Not good enough. I'm sticking with eating carefully though. I'm not giving up yet! This weight has got to go. I want to be 125 lb. again like I was in my late 20's. They do say the last 10 pounds are the hardest. Totally! The tricky thing is going to be Sunday at my granddaughter's first birthday party which will be here on the deck. I guess running around catering to about 30 people will help keep me away from the food. I'll have to keep away from the drink too and that's harder. What's a party without a glass of wine? Out, out damn blubber!

Craft Report
See my glove so far? It's not only fingerless but handless! The second glove is up to the end of the ribbing though so I'm farther ahead than I look. Purty colours, eh? I'm increasing between the stitch markers every 3rd row for the thumb gusset. Gee, that hand looks like it could use a manicure! Gardening with your bare hands is not conducive to nice nails but it's too hot out there to wear gloves.

Remember the cupboards yesterday? I've made a big mess out of them now and I need more plastic baskets (at least 4) to get things back on the shelves. Guess it's another run to Home Despot in my future. Well, I have way too many ancient wool dyes that were gifted to me by a number of people who've retired from dyeing or decided to change dye types. Some I'm sure must be 25 or 30 years old and of dubious function. I need to test them somehow but that's such a tedious procedure. If I use the canner (used for dye only) I can only test 7 dyes at a time. If I dye paint some roving and nuke it, I can do more at one time but it's harder to tell if the dye is good. No matter what you do you still lose some down the drain even if it's good dye. It doesn't get a chance to completely exhaust unless it's immersion dyed. Decisions, decisions...

Meanwhile, my work counter is covered in dyes and a bunch need to be rebottled or combined. At least if the Procion dyes are no good anymore, they will still work as acid dyes. Though the old ones should also be tested for their original use as cotton dyes. Nothing like trying to get a specific colour and having half of it wash down the drain! I keep buying new dyes for when I want consistent results which means that the old stuff doesn't get used up. I just can't bear to throw anything out if it's still good! And I haven't even discussed the natural dyestuffs. Many of them take up a lot of space for the equivalent dye power of a teaspoon of synthetic dye. This job is not going to be quickly done.

Guess I should take advantage of the cool morning today and get some more sewing done.

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