Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Sorry About That

Has it been a whole week since I posted last? A lot has happened in the meanwhile. My adopted mom died last Thursday and we had her service yesterday at the graveside. It was sad for me but it was definitely more stressful than sad because of difficult family dynamics. Mom was 93 so it wasn't as if it was a surprise or anything.

Note: After sleeping on it, I edited out the rest of this because it was way too personal for Blogland. Guess I'm lucky that I don't have a lot of regular readers as some bloggers do! It's not that I mind good friends knowing the details of my life, but I have to be somewhat careful. It's not like this is a totally anonymous forum, eh?

So while I'm recuperating from emotional trauma, I have to get ready for a workshop on Saturday. I'm teaching "A Wild Beaded Bag" knitted in hand-dyed wool yarn and featuring 4 different ways to incorporate beads into the knitting. This is my original one here. I spent this morning fine-tuning the instruction sheets and this afternoon dyeing the skeins. They won't look anything like the original I'm afraid but that's ok. I have a full class of 10 and only 3 hours of class to get the concepts across. Challenging! And my brain is not really in gear yet either.

Tomorrow I have to count beads and decide on which eyelash/novelty accent yarn goes with each kit. Wish me luck. At least I slept better last night. Hopefully tonight is better still. I have work to do!

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Anonymous said...

A big hug to you Damselfly...
from your buddy in the Shuswap.

In time, you'll only have the good memories to hold close.

Hugs, Susan