Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Where Did the Sun Go?

It's raining again today but I took my granddaughter out for a walk in the nice fall sunshine yesterday. We went to my LYS and got some more natural Quebecoise 2 skeins plus some fun novelty hairy stuff called Chili (100% polyamide) in 4 different colourways. These are for my beaded knitted bag class at the end of the month. I still have to dye-paint the wool and make up the kits. (I’ll post pics when they’re ready.) I have no idea how many students I've got yet. Guess I should find out.

After the yarn stash enhancement, we went to the playground in the little park near my house. There were lots of kids playing (teachers are on an illegal strike) and there was another little girl the same size. Though they don't really play together at one year old — they eyed each other and then went off to do their own thing. The other little one was already walking but Kiera wants me to walk her around everywhere. She's almost walking by herself but feels like she needs the extra security of my hands. The little slide was a big hit! She got a grin on her face in anticipation as I sat her on the top and giggled her way down to the bottom. Cute! Granny and child had a fun afternoon together. No pics because my hands were full of little girl.

I got this slim book during my vacation shopping frenzy. It's one of the "Design Originals" books which are inexpensive and basic, yet often have some intriguing techniques in them. This twisted beaded knitted bracelet that I've started is the first pattern. It's hard to see in the photo but the beads (8º) are threaded 2 blue/2 brown silver-lined on Kreinik #8 (fine) braid in copper colour. The needles are size 0000 (1.25 mm) and you can see my homemade twisted wire needle that I use to thread the beads. The pattern is so simple: CO 3, knit the first row, then turn, sl 1, place a bead, k1, place a bead, k1 and repeat the last row until it's big enough to go around your wrist. Stitch ends together as invisibly as possible. The twist happens all by itself, though you should snug up the stitches fairly tightly as you go. Not too tight though or you won't be able to get your needle through it. Simple, huh? The book has several other variations on this too, including making a large bead by knitting a beaded piece with beads only on one side and using it to cover an oval wooden bead. There's another interesting bracelet made from two bracelets with 8º on one side of the twist and cubes on the other and fastened with clasps. You can wear them individually or twist them together for a thicker bracelet. There's also a really nice but easy-to-make tassel pattern that includes a lobster-claw clasp to attach it to anything you like.

I think they should have left out the clothing patterns though. The poncho, hat, and wristwarmers are not very imaginative and the beads are not used to advantage. For example, what looks like bead stripes in the centre photo on the cover is actually a novelty yarn and the beads are scattered in the plain sections in between. They're the same colour as the yarn and blend in so well I had to look carefully at an enlarged photo to see them! So what's the point?

I will be demonstrating this type of beaded knitting at my guild meeting tomorrow evening but I don't really have enough samples yet. Better get to work on it or I'll be winging it as I go.

Darling Daughter should be happy that I've gotten this far on her socks. I haven't had a lot of time to work on them. I think this Confetti yarn looks quite different from the usual with the wide stripes and blue-and-white spots. Hope she likes them!

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