Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Well Of Course

Yes, I found a few more errors (with T-Man’s help) in that darn membership booklet. Sigh. You can never see all your own mistakes. I’ll fix them before I take the thing to the printer tomorrow. Then it’s out of my hands and any remaining mistakes are permanent until next year. I used to do the guild’s newsletter — 13 years worth of working on it in fact. So why did I get myself involved again? Because they asked. And I know how. I also volunteered to help with the library for the first time this year. Plus I have already had their spinning equipment for rental at my house for lotsa years. I’ve been a member of this guild since 1985 or so and they know me too well! I’d rather do this type of thing than be president or something anyway. Executive positions are out of my league entirely.

So what’s on the menu for today? Here’s the photo of the second batch of madder-dyed fibre that I didn’t show you yesterday. The weather is crappy (rain, rain, and more rain) so the colour may be a bit off. I’m still not getting red by any stretch but it’s pretty, no?

I’m kind of taking a day semi-off today after my marathon computer day yesterday. I’ve almost finished the first of the Baby Socks 3. I couldn’t do both alternately like usual because I used the other set of needles for the OXO Cuffs which I’m also doing one-at-a-time. The cuffs are much slower because I have to actually see what I’m doing. I need to go back to the Hepburn Cardi too. So many projects — so little time.

Meanwhile I just heard the postman at the door and I got my next book order! These ones are my birthday prezzies to me. I know, what were all the other ones? This is the third bunch I’ve ordered in the last few months not to mention the pocketbooks and magazines that I’ve bought in the actual store. It’s all so darn tempting but it’s getting a bit out of hand. I’m now on a bit of a book diet methinks. So what did I get you ask? I finally broke down and got a copy of Alden Amos’ Big Book of Handspinning. I’ve heard so many mixed reviews of this book — you either love Alden or you hate him because he’s just so darn opinionated. I’ve taken the book out from my guild library and quickly perused it but there is so much technical information that I wasn’t able to process it quickly. There are no pretty pictures, just black & white illustrations by Alden’s wife Stephenie Gaustad. These guys are the real deal. I’m looking forward to reading the book and trying to absorb some of the info. If my eyes don't glaze over first.

I also got The Art of Fair Isle Knitting by Ann Feitlson on the recommendation of David Reidy of the Sticks & String podcast. This is a very good book with lots of colour photos. More than half the book is dedicated to the history and an in-depth discussion of design for this style of 2-colour knitting. There are some nice patterns too though a few are a bit dated (this book was originally published in 1996) and includes gloves and hats as well as the usual sweaters and vests. I already have a couple of books on this subject but this one is much nicer. I like that Ann virtually expects you to change things up and create your own garments and that her focus is on knitting techniques and colour considerations rather than just a bunch of charts for OXO and peerie patterns that I already have plenty of in the other books I own. I have trouble knitting 2-colour patterns without drawing in the fabric and twisting up the floats. I’m hoping the information in here will help me with that problem because I’ve been avoiding this type of knitting for awhile now. And I absolutely love it! Dumb huh?

Well I’d better get the last few errors fixed in my booklet so I can check that off my list. I’ve been avoiding it so far today and suddenly it’s later than I thought.

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