Thursday, November 08, 2007

Yeah, It’s Rainin’

I’m trying really hard to stay out of my usual Bah-Humbug mode this year, but it’s so difficult! The local community newspaper yesterday had 700 g (over 1.5 lbs) of flyers vs. the paper itself which was only 150 g (under 6 oz). And it was ALL holiday-oriented stuff. Notice how I can’t even say the C-word? Decorations went up before the pumpkins went down. Arghhh…I just get so tired of the whole thing because it misses the point entirely. Does anyone really need giant blowup ornaments on their front lawn? Wouldn’t it be better if they spent their excess cash on, say, impoverished small crippled boys named Tim or something?

OK, rant over — moving right along. I’m halfway through the second of the Baby Socks 3. It looks just about right: a little wider and a smidge longer than attempt number 2. I should finish these quickly because I only have until Tuesday when I’ll see the grandkid to whom the socks belong. The family is now happily moved into their new house and we’ve been invited to come over to see it. And bring Nana too. Meanwhile I’m sure they need to unpack a few more boxes and find the missing necessities, that kind of thing. I do know the TV is set up and the cable hooked up already. Priorities. The 3-year-old must have her Littlest Mermaid video or it’s the end of the world as we know it.

I so wanted to go for a walk today but instead I’m sitting here knitting and reading group posts on Ravelry instead. What can I tell you — it’s just one of those days. I still have to go out and get the membership booklet to the printer. Maybe I can talk T-Man into driving over when he gets home? We need to pick up some groceries anyway. Boring aren’t I? Yeah, it’s rainin’. So what else is new?


Marina said...

Well, I know you're not a C-word type of person, your favourite holiday being Halloween, but here's what I do.
Sometimes I find it hard to get into the spirit of the thing, too, so I drag out the old black and white C movies and watch them. Yup, every year, the same movies. It's my personal tradition.
I also put in a tape I made years ago of C carols (but I couldn't find it last year, where could it have gone). Oh well, now my car only has a CD player anyway. Now I'm not saying you yourself should do any of this, but, it usually works for me.

Anonymous said...

I bought some 'C' cards yesterday....but only enough for the seriously shortened list I plan to send. The 'C' gift slides in nicely ( gift cards) No more long hours shopping for me! No more wrapping, postage costs etc etc

I do agree with you that this whole 'C' thing is waaay out of control....