Monday, February 18, 2008

Foggy Foggy Dew

I can hear the boats in the harbour with their foghorns going full-blast. There are quite deep pockets of fog everywhere this morning. I think it looks lovely but I hope everyone is driving carefully out there. It was sunny all weekend so thoughts of gardening were in our heads. I got all my seeds sorted out, the old ones pitched and a list of new ones needed. We went to GardenWorks and of course got a few other items besides just the seeds: a new heuchera (Snow Angel, green leaves with lovely white patterning) for my collection, 3 more primulas for the front door basket (the last ones I got ended up on my kitchen windowsill instead), some potting soil and seed starter mix. I haven’t actually started planting anything yet, but I’m ready now.

We did work in the garden for some time yesterday. I’m still not up to much but I got some of the veggie and herb garden cleaned up and some leaves raked away from the rhubarb bed. T-Man did a lot more and got the tops of the last hawthorns chopped down (he’s been slowly removing a hedge of these nasty ugly prickly things over a number of years). He has to chop the branches up into smaller pieces so they can go in the yard waste bin for the city to pick up. They are too prickly to even run through our chipper/shredder. The larger branches will become firewood and the biggest ones maybe woodturning pieces. It’s very hard dense white wood. It would be nice to see it turned into something pretty instead of the evil tire-and-skin-puncturing PITA it’s been since we moved in here. We have enough prickly things with the pyracantha (pretty) and the blackberries (yummy) to deal with.

Almost finished the Auntie92 Gloves. Just the tips of thumbs left and I’m knitting on fumes. Good thing I shortened the wrist ribbing by half an inch from the first pair’s extra long cuffs or I would have run out of yarn. Still haven’t finished the Twilight Queen but I’m thinking today would be good. I want it off my list! I have other things to focus on.

I had a lovely visit with Felicia on Friday and I think we resolved a few issues with our guild website. The biggest one we discussed is the guild’s wish to have a photo gallery because right now there are no pictures at all. I need to do some more work on it myself — preferably before the guild meeting on Thursday. BTW Felicia is our Program speaker at the meeting. She’ll be talking about photographing textiles.

Life is just full of spirals, don’t you think? Things come around again and echo what came before. It’s not quite a circle because it’s not quite the same each time. I like that. If it was always the same it would be boring and you’d feel trapped in a rut. But because each round is a little different, it’s familiar but not identical. The seasons are like that. I must be feeling the Spring in the air. Along with the fog.

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