Thursday, March 10, 2011

Must Be Spring - It’s Changeable

Rain, hail, sun, wind – we’ve had it all today. I ventured out for a short while and managed to miss most of the worst of it. I was determined to get my hair cut. My hairdresser, the indomitable Pat, is helping me grow the top section out while keeping the lower back section very short. I’m hoping the end product will be kind of like a slightly shorter (and greyer) version of Louise Brooks’ famous hairstyle from the 1920’s:


Instead of bobbing my hair like Louise did, I have to grow it back so it will take me awhile to get there – as long as I don’t get annoyed and have Pat cut it off again! I guess I just got tired of the pinhead look I’ve had for nearly two decades. Unfortunately now I have to re-learn how to comb my hair. Yeah, Pat gave me the raspberry too when I mentioned that. Heh.

What else have I been up to? Oh yes. The elderly yellow blanket that I dyed turned out quite palatable:


This photo was taken while it was still crinkly from being scrunched into the pan. I ironed it and now it’s much nicer. It also had some bare patches:

Blanket holes

Which I mended (rather sloppily) with some cutch-dyed wool weaving yarn somewhat similar in grist to that in the blanket:

Blanket repair

It barely shows even though it didn’t match exactly. I haven’t bothered with a new binding, at least not yet. Maybe before we need this blanket again next winter. Meanwhile we both decided that it no longer resembles root beer but the even more delicious Seafoam Candy:


Don’t you agree? The cutch extract even left a lingering burnt-sugar scent. Yum. It’ll be interesting to see if we start dreaming of sweets while sleeping under it, huh? I’m happy that a) I could use up the leftover walnut and cutch dyes and b) it’s no longer such a boring old blanket. Success.

Then I spent most of yesterday sewing up a couple of pillowcases to go with the Watercolour Quilt:


I seem to be all about the wrinkles today, don’t I? We’ve already made use of these last evening so they’re no longer quite as pristine as they were when I finished sewing them. I used improvisational piecing to make the edging out of some of the leftover bits from the quilt. I only had enough white fabric in the stash for 2 cases – they take nearly a yard each – so we’re using them on our “extra” pillows, the ones we lean on while watching tv or reading in bed. We have a total of 6 pillows on our bed (!) but we only actually sleep on 2 each. Yeah, go ahead and make Princess and the Pea jokes. T-Man and I can handle it. We likes our comforts, we does. Why not?

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Heather said...

Whoooah! Those pillowcases are sensational! And your blanket is lovely. Such comforts MUST be enjoyed.