Monday, November 21, 2011

Just Had To Share

I’ve always been known by my family and friends as having a warped sense of humour. I can’t stand most comedians. Sitcoms leave me cold. Don’t bother telling me a classic joke. But it’s not that I don’t find things funny. Some things are absolutely hilarious to me! For instance, I discovered photos of Anna Hrachovec’s Gnomes vs Snowmen exhibit (recently at gallery hanahou in NYC) and I’ve been laughing about it ever since. Anna is the creator of Mochimochi Land and the author of two books of patterns for her cute quirky knitted critters. If you want a good giggle – assuming your sense of humour resembles mine (and, of course, Anna’s) in any way – download the PDF catalogue of the exhibit here so you can see the whole story. Then you’ll appreciate why I’m considering carrying around a scarf in case I see an aggressive snowman.

Moving right along…I finished my Autumn Kneehighs. A photo will be coming as soon as they are dry enough to model after their bath. Takes forever this time of year! And then there’s the low light situation as well. Gotta wait for sufficient natural light. Anyway, the socks look absolutely silly without a leg in them. All skinny and disproportionate. But they fit me just right. So of course I immediately cast on for matching gauntlets. I use my original pair of Jacoby Gauntlets all the time so since I have lots of yarn left over, I’m making another pair. They work great on their own but even better as an extra layer over my hand-knit gloves.

Speaking of which, I’ve started plugging away again on the Dark o’the Moon Gloves. They were hanging about mostly because the socks were easier to work on while reading at the same time. The dark yarn on my Blackthorn dpns is hard to see and they’re both teensy besides so these things take concentration. I’m nearly done the tricky cabled cuff part though on both gloves so things should go faster now. At least until I get to the fingers!

So T-Man went back to work today after taking some time off that was owed him before the end of the year. It seems really quiet around here now! I was getting used to having him handing me cups of tea, making breakfast, reading beside me in bed, fixing things, vacuuming up the dust buffaloes, and encouraging me to go on long walks with him. We’re practising for his retirement and it’s getting closer by the week. We’re both getting rather impatient.

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