Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Clearing The Backlog

When I was cleaning out the drawers in the chest in my studio, I found a few more of those “cut out but never sewn” garments. No idea how long they’ve been kicking around but I suspect not nearly as long as the Prairie Shirt did! Since I already had black thread in the sewing machine and serger from my Pettipants, I tackled the loose pants first:

Black Baggies


Completed: April 30, 2012

Pattern:  self-drafted from some basic pattern which I can’t remember now!

Fabric:  black cotton knit, wrong side liberally covered in lint and cat hair (from the cats who died several years ago now).

Comments:  These cut-out elastic-waist pants could have been lurking around in the drawer for as long as 10 years. I have no idea. However I felt that I could still use them and they’re pretty quick to sew up. Begs the question why I never sewed them up then, doesn’t it? I checked the width and skimmed about 1/2” off the front and back sides thereby reducing the hip by a couple of inches. They are still really loosey-goosey especially around the thighs but they are also very comfy. BTW, you might not be able to tell from the photo but they have curved pockets.

I’m using these as a fitting exercise – not that they are at all fitted! I got T-Man to take photos of me wearing them front, back and sides to help me analyse what might help them work better. And no, I’m not showing the photos to you! I did learn that I could take more off the thigh area and scoop the crotch both front and back a little. Also they are about an inch too long in the crotch depth. I’m not super-picky about pants fit, being content with something that doesn’t bind anywhere and doesn’t look too bad. I’m not planning to make skinny jeans or anything like that! Happily, I located my pattern tissues (a miracle!) and can adjust them accordingly for the next iteration. Because I need more pants badly, you can bet they will be coming soon.

Lurking along with the Black Baggies were some golden-brown leggings, also cut out and not sewn. As soon as I switch all my threads to brown, I’ll be whipping these together too. Can’t have too many leggings. I wear them under dresses and tunics and even under pants in the winter. I like them better than tights because they are both warmer and sturdier. These were cut from a rather vintage pattern, Butterick 3430 from 1985. I’ve made a lot of pairs of leggings from this one over the years (sadly none of which survive today) but I recently switched to McCall’s 6360. The latter took quite a bit of fiddling to get it to sort-of fit so I’m looking forward to seeing if I get a better fit from the older pattern. It’s been cut out in a 16 but with the legs tapered more and the length adjusted for my short legs. If I go by the pattern specs the 16 should be 4'” or so too tight in hips and waist but I’m betting it’ll still be fine. The fabric has a lot of good stretch in it. Even though it’s been sitting around for quite some time!

Obviously I’m still on quite a sewing jag. I’m enjoying wearing my new duds and I’m getting lots of ideas for more. The stash is still high too so unless I need something in particular that I can’t locate in it - zippers perhaps since I don’t have very many options there – then I might as well follow my Sewing Mojo while it’s still working.

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Dixie said...

How fun, to find these abandoned projects and finish them up. Half the work is done already!
I'm jealous of your sewing jag, as mine has been waning of late. Enjoy it while you've got it!