Thursday, December 27, 2007

All I Got For Christmas

Was the flu. Again. For the second year in a row, I got to sniffle and sneeze and feel awful all over everyone while trying to maintain some kind of holiday cheer. If my nephew’s potential in-law family weren’t such nice folks, they should have turned me away at the door before I spread the plague all over them. Is this some kind of cosmic punishment for my Scroogette attitude? Is it my inimitable version of “a lump of coal”? Did I offend someone that I don’t even believe in? I most certainly hope that I haven’t spread the Flu Joy around at least. But we probably won’t know for a couple of days. I spent yesterday in bed pretty much all day but today I’m back to feeling somewhat as if I’ll live. Hopefully it will go away quickly and I’ll be back to my usual self soon. I’m tired of being chosen as a parable on what-not-to-do for the holidays.

So I wasn’t entirely truthful about the presents. I did get a copy of the “Ratatouille” DVD and a gift certificate for my favourite bookstore from my children. I also got a couple of great photos taken by relatives at Milady Daughter’s wedding last April. And I got several cards featuring handwoven pieces by my guild friends. Now we have more get-togethers to go to (one tomorrow and two on New Year’s Day) so I hope I feel somewhat more functional by then. And mustn’t forget the Ravelry Meet-Up on Sunday too.

In crafty news, I’m on the toe decreases on the EvenMorePink Socks so they will be done very soon. I’d be finished by now but didn’t much feel like knitting yesterday. A sure sign of how crappy I felt, eh? Plus I got a new request from my baby-brother-in-law for birthday socks. He’s never had a pair yet because he never indicated that he wanted them! He professes a fondness for dark purples which should be fun to dye. His birthday is only a few days after The Ninja’s though so we’ll have to see if I can get them done on time or not. I also promised to give Bro’s nearly-17-year-old daughter some knitting help. She’s just learning to knit because of a friend’s encouragement, but is struggling somewhat. I remember what that was like: involuntary yarn-overs and mysterious increases and decreases in stitch counts. Sweet Niece knits English (throwing) so far so I might see if I can convince her to go over to the Dark Side to Continental (picking) since she doesn’t have a lot of habit to undo yet. You know I would have taught her ages ago but until now she’s had no interest. Too busy with sports (soccer) and school (French Immersion). Now is my chance. Mwaaa-ha-haaaa!

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