Monday, October 27, 2008

Looming Project

I’ve been slowly but steadily plugging away on the woven shibori warp that was left on my table loom. At about 14 ppi it’s not too onerous but it takes a lot of flipping of levers. On the loom it looks like this:

That’s 20/2 wool (5,600 ypp) sett at 24 epi and an overtwisted 2-ply merino wool that’s even finer. The yellow yarn is a synthetic and is very strong so it doesn’t break when I use it to pull up the shibori ties. I have no idea how this particular undulating pattern is going to look when it’s done but that isn’t going to stop me! It’s always an adventure with shibori anyway. I’m going to dye it so the combination of permanent wrinkles from the overtwisted weft and colour will hopefully give me something interesting. We’ll see. Maybe it will even be wearable.

That’s pretty much all I’ve been up to today. I covered a few more of the books I bought recently with clear contact paper. Nothing exciting. It’s so gorgeous and warm out today that I’m out here on my upper deck typing. Gotta love it this close to November! I’m sure it’s not going to last.


magnusmog said...

Warm? Lucky you, we have a snow warning:)

Anonymous said...

I'll bet that overtwisted weft could do some interesting things to the texture of the finished scarf. That's a very nice table loom. Is it a Woolhouse?

Louisa said...

Yup, that's a Woolhouse 23" Carolyn loom, one of the first that John made with 12 shafts. I'm definitely hoping that the overtwisted wool weft will do something interesting!

Another gorgeous day today too - but it's not going to last forever. Then we'll be into the usual cold wet stuff. Snow is rare, especially the stuff that sticks. That's always a fun diversion from the rain.