Friday, December 26, 2008

The More It Snows

So this is what the rest of Canada gets for winter, huh? They can have it back now. Please. It’s snowing. Again. Supposed to turn to rain later though. Ewwww…messy. We ain’t goin’ noplace nohow. Call it cocooning.

First though, we survived Christmas! We made it out to The Ninja’s house with Nana and found a dug-out spot on the street to park in. The main roads were clear and wet even though the side streets like ours haven’t ever seen a plough and are horrible. If you can stay on the main drags you’re fine. Otherwise bring a shovel. Everyone who was available made it safely too - one bunch carpooled in the most sensible vehicle among them. We had a lovely time and the food, drink and companionship flowed happily despite the weather. I am now crowned Queen of the Gravy-Makers after my second success in a week. I won’t let the delight go to my head.

Other people might feel let down after the Big Day but I feel relieved. We have a few more invitations to social engagements in the next week but two of them are neighbours (we can just skip over) and we just won’t bother with the distant one today. T-Man is sick of shoveling snow and getting the van stuck trying to get in or out. Enough’s enough. The cupboards are well-laden and we don’t need to go out unless we want to. If it’s still crappy out there by Monday when he has to work, he can do it from here.

Hope you all had a wonderful peaceful Happy Holiday - whichever one(s) you celebrate!

Back to knitting socks and reading blogs while snuggled under a blanket…

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