Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Weather Outside Is Frightful

Really! Awful. We were only supposed to have a little more snow and maybe some rain but so far there’s a total of about 18” with drifts up to several feet high. And it’s still snowing hard. The chances are good that we won’t be going anywhere tomorrow for Christmas. Boo-hoo! We certainly aren’t going anywhere today! The VW van is buried up over its bumpers and the MINI Cooper is stuck in the garage with a ton of snow against the door. Poor T-Man is getting very tired of shoveling. The piles of snow from the deck are now higher than the deck is and the heaps at the sides of the front walk are up to my thighs. And it needs shoveling again. This is more like the kind of weather they usually get in the colder parts of Canada – not here in the Banana Belt. Sheesh! Enough already.

Meanwhile I’ve been amusing myself by alternately lazing around under the covers and cleaning the house. Knitting and reading vs. washing and vacuuming. Works for me. T’s been shoveling, reading or flying his virtual airplanes. Yesterday we braved the outdoors and walked, slipping and sliding all the way, to the magazine shop. Unfortunately the pickings were a little thin since the delivery trucks have been having the same trouble getting around as everyone else. So we drowned our sorrows in sushi and miso soup at our favourite sushi joint on the way home. We were both pretty pooped by the time we stomped home. Why are Vancouverites so lazy they only shovel up to the public sidewalk and then stop? Guess they’re waiting for it to melt almost immediately only this time they were fooled and all we got was more snow.

Another casualty of the dump of snow is that my new drum carder is still stuck on Vancouver Island. The person who was going to bring it over isn’t attempting the trip right now so I’ll have to wait until someone can deliver it over to the mainland. Sigh. Oh well. I have lots of other things to do. Indoors only. I can’t even wade out to the trash bin without turning into the Abominable Snowman. My house has some serious icicles:

And even the little birdhouse by the back door has some icicles of its own:

Going out the back door is an exercise in ducking the drips, stepping carefully on the ice and watching for falling icicles. And it’s STILL snowing. I’m finding it hard to concentrate on anything else.

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Susan said...

You actually got out and went to a store? Ate sushi? cool...

Its been 7 days that we have been stuck in the house and we can't get out of the driveway. The fridge is alarmingly low but we still have a small turkey cooking and some veg.

All the snow you got was the 'left overs' from what was dumped here! We are simply *buried*
Please remember to have someone come and find our bodies in the spring huh? :) Mine will be at the loom... and much thinner!

Merry Christmas from your buds in Duncan