Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Scattered Like The Leaves

And if this cold weather keeps up it’ll be snowflakes that are scattering instead! At least I thought that I was feeling scattered but pondering on it more I realise that I’ve actually been focusing quite hard. Harder than usual even. I’ve been hunkered down most of the last couple of days knitting madly on my Peace Cardi and reading at the same time. I’m currently zooming down the body and heading towards the hem. Plus I finished the crocheted scarfies:

Holiday Bling Scarflettes

ScarflettesBegun: December 4, 2009

Completed: December 9, 2009

Yarns: Flat scarf: Classic Elite Yarns Imagine, worsted weight, cotton/rayon, colour 9212 (variegated gold, green and red), 93yds = 50 g, 1 skein. Twirly scarf: Berroco Seduce, DK weight, rayon/linen/silk/nylon, colour 4435 gold (really more of a bronze), 100 yds = 50g, 1.4 skeins.

Hooks: Imagine yarn: 5mm aluminum Aero. Seduce yarn: 4.5mm Clover SoftTouch.

Pattern: Cool Warmth by Amy O’Neill Houck (from CrochetMe), flat scarf only.

Scarflettes detMy Twirly Pattern:

Chain to desired scarf length (mine is just over 2m). Turn.
Row 1: Sc in each ch across. Turn.
Row 2: Ch 5, sc in next st, (ch 4, sc in next st) across. Turn.
Row 3: Ch 3, (sc, ch 3) twice in ch-4 loop, *sc, ch 3) twice in next ch-4 loop, rep from * across, end ch 3, sc in last st.

Comments: This is actually a set of two scarflettes: one wider and slightly shorter and one longer and twirly. They aren’t that soft or warm so more for indoor wearing, one at a time or both at once. I went down a hook size for the flat wider one because the cord type yarn “Imagine” looked too loose. Then I went down another hook size for the twirly one in “Seduce” because it’s even thinner and more cord-like. I also modified the twirly pattern to my own design.

It took more than one ball of yarn to complete the gold scarflette. Luckily I had more! Instead of running the ends in (hard to do with this cord), I knotted them together tightly, coated the knot in FrayChek and clipped the ends closely. I crocheted the one in Imagine right to the end of the ball so no leftovers of that yarn. I like the way the colours pooled, though they shifted over the length of the scarf because I wasn’t trying to keep them lining up.

I couldn’t block the twirly one but I steamed the flat one and left it to dry overnight. No pins.

Of course the minute I finished this project I cast-on for another one! This is yet another pair of fingerless mitts called Sleekit (Rav link) by Star Rabinowitz. I don’t care if I have many pairs. I love them! And these will match my red knee socks.

I needed a small portable project for the doctor’s waiting room tomorrow anyway and didn’t want to start the leggings I want to make yet. That pattern is sized on the smallish side with 1” negative ease. My calves are quite small but I size up from there! So I need to do some (yikes!) math to adjust the leg increases to go from a medium at the bottom to an extra-large at the thigh and above. I want them to fit me properly – unlike the manufactured tights and leggings. At least I can try them on as I go.

Onward! And stay warm!


Anonymous said...

Love the scarves. Can I use your pattern for the Twirly one? I have some Seduce in my stash.

Louisa said...

Of course you may, Rosemary! That's why I put the pattern in the post just in case anyone wants to use it. Hope you add it to your Ravelry projects so I can see it!