Friday, December 03, 2010

Quick Update #2

Thanks to everyone who sent congratulations! Here’s the little sweetie that I got to hold today:


(Pardon the grainy low-light photos from my iTouch.) I think she looks amazingly like her mom when she was born but with a goodly dash of her daddy too. Lots of black hair and pudgy cheeks and escaping fingers. So cute!

Here’s the exhausted but very pleased and happy mommy and daddy:

HappyMommy HappyDaddy

Welcome to the world, little one! Know that you are truly loved and cared for in the arms of your family.


Anonymous said...

Lovely! Much congratulations to all!

Asylim said...

Very cool.

She's cute and I can see both mom and dad in her.

Mom looks amazing all things considered and Dad just looks tired but in a good way.

Congrats again everyone from all of us out here in Langley.

Fun trivia fact, this is the second time a new member of the family has arrived when I'm in the midst of a move. ;)

Ev said...

She's adorable!!

Sharon in Surrey said...

'BOUT TIME!! But I'll be you'll have fun knitting now for THREE!!

magnusmog said...