Monday, April 29, 2013


Woke up with a migraine this morning that will not go away with 2 ibuprofens. In my world, that’s a bad one. Can’t have another one for a few hours more either. I haven’t had any migraines in ages and I don’t know what brought this one on. Maybe the weather – it’s gusty windy today with a cold front coming down. The barometer hasn’t moved much though. Who knows? Migraines appear whenever they damn well feel like it. Evil things.

Yeah, I still haven’t blogged my last 2 3 sewing projects. And this post isn’t it either! Sorry about that. So far in the last week I’ve made a denim skirt, a linen tunic and a pair of stretch skinny boot-cut pants. And there’s yet another pair of capri-length pants possible from the remaining French terry. I was going to do those today, but so far it’s not happening. Neither is the laundry. Or pretty much anything else.

OK, damselfly. Quit with the whining already.

I was quite happy that the pattern I used for the stretch pants worked out so well. I did a “rub-off” of my favourite yoga pants and this was the wearable test muslin. Although I can’t wear them without a top that covers the belly fluff (so what else is new?) the pants are otherwise quite flattering on me. I especially like that the wider bottoms will go over my Blundstones comfortably. It’s a nice change from leggings. There will definitely be more pants from this pattern. And more “rub-offs” of favourite garments that are wearing out too. We don’t need no stinkin’ Big Four patterns.

Though naturally that fact didn’t stop me from ordering a few more from the recent sale at BMV. Hey, they offered me a $5 gift certificate as well as the lowest sale prices so how could I refuse? More Tiltons mostly, in case you were wondering. Flushed with that success I went over to the competition just to see what Simplicity and New Look had available. The way they handle their sales is not in the same ballpark as BMV. Simplicity makes it as difficult and expensive as possible for those of us not in the USA. To add insult to injury, I signed up for their newsletter (just because) and got a welcome email with a 15% discount that is only good in the US! Nasty teases. I’m already envious that American sewers can get $.99 sales in national chain stores. BMV may have slow delivery times but at least they charge a reasonable postage rate. Probably because they mail them in tissue-thin envelopes that barely survive post office handling – though to be fair I haven’t lost anything yet. So truthfully, does anyone ever buy these patterns at full price? Why? Since I still have to do so much changes for fitting anyhow there’s no way I’d pay $32 for a single Vogue designer dress pattern. I don’t care how fabulous it is. Not even a Tilton!

Switching gears (before I need to bring out the soapbox to stand on and my head isn’t up for that) my Orange Aeolian shawl is nearly finished. However there has been a slight glitch. I was trying to fix a nupp that had several loose loops (how does that happen?) a number of rows below and, erm…made a bit of a mess. I’m pretty confident that I can sort it out but I need to have my full faculties first. The only other alternative is to take out about 5 rows with a gajillion stitches each and re-knit them. Yikes. Hopefully not. And I had better not have messed up any other nupps either. Or they will get the sewn-in fix because I’m not dropping down any more stitches in this fuzzy alpaca yarn and complex lace. With beads and nupps and centred double-decreases. That was definitely a mistake.

Yeah, I know you want photos, details, the whole scoop. Someday soon, I promise. When my eyes can focus again.

On a happier note, we had lots of fun yesterday afternoon with the Littlest Grandbeastie. Her parents were celebrating their anniversary so we got Ms Rosebud, in full fairy princess regalia: wings, tiara, sparkly purple shoes and all. So cute! She had just come from a Princess Party which is a great idea. We should throw one of those for grownups, doncha think? I need to get a tiara as nice as hers first though. Or better yet, make one. And wings too of course. Are we on?

I want to look like this, OK?


pao said...

Maybe it's from eyestrain...? I'm surprised you can even type to post.

Ah, I know, I too succumbed to the email and bought some on-line patterns with my $5.00 off certificate. Once they get around to sending them, they arrive quickly. And come in a cardboard type envelope usually. Do you think it's the Canadian post office that takes so long, or customs?

I've been getting Tiltons and Koos mostly, I think. Can't wait to see all you've made lately. And I'm all up for princessing, or a ladie's tea party.

Hope your headache has gone by the time you're reading this!

Jean at said...

Yup, a princess party or tea party is the answer!! It's much fun at this stage of life. When I was younger I was totally uninterested in such girly things. Now it's like playing pretend only better: I get to eat the cream puffs!!

I've never heard the term "rub off" but I assume it's like knock off. I have a sweater that I knocked off several years ago and I'm thinking I'll do it again, only with more creativity, changing the length and/or colors etc. It's on my to-do list.

Feel better!!!