Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Down To The Wire

We’re very nearly ready for our two-month adventure to begin! We’re almost packed (except the food and a few-last minute items). This time we hit upon the brilliant idea of putting the van in the garage to pack it so that we can lock it away from thieves and prying eyes. This saves us from having to do it all at the very last minute before we go. The poor MINI-Cooper gets to sit outside until we move the van out tomorrow and it can go back inside. There’s a reason we don’t usually park the van in the garage. It just barely fits! There’s less than 2” clearance on the roof and just enough space to shut the automatic door behind when its nose is bumping up in front. Like our house, the garage is old and they didn’t make vehicles that big 70+ years ago! The MINI fits much better. I’m betting however that we’ll feel the van is actually very small when we’ve been living in it for a couple of months.

In the spirit of the Sea-To-Sea Cross-Continental Trek (hereafter referred to as the S2S) we went down to Locarno Beach:

PreTrek Pacific beach

Yes, I know Burrard Inlet is not exactly the real Pacific Ocean but it’s salty and tidal and leads out eventually through the Salish Sea (aka Georgia Strait) then through the Strait of Juan de Fuca to the ocean. We didn’t have time to go all the way to Tofino!

The Flat Rats came to help with the ceremony:

FlatRats Pacific1

They brought the jar and we waded into the water:

FlatRats Pacific2

I had to hold the jar because the rats didn’t want to get wet.

FlatRats Pacific3

They did help screw on the lid though. But I think poor Flatti was overcome with emotion:

FlatRats Pacific4

Guess it was just so exciting!

FlatRats Pacific5

We made sure to screw the lid on tight because this water has to come with us all the way to the Atlantic Ocean! Then we’ll swap it for some Atlantic water and bring it back again. Brilliant.

When we got home the Flat Rats kept themselves busy supervising the packing efforts:

FlatRats packing

They are so excited to leave that currently they’re inside the van in the garage tucked into my Navigational Notebook, that blue binder they’re sitting on in the photo. Maybe they’re reading all the maps to help me find our way to the East Coast?

One more sleep. Along with sorting out the food and picking up a few groceries, I have to get my hair cut today. I’m hoping it won’t drive me absolutely nuts before we get back but I’m bringing scissors to chop off my bangs if they get in my way. There’s no way I’m going to spend the time trying to find a hairdresser somewhere. I can cut hair. I do T-Man’s all the time. Admittedly it’s harder to cut one’s own. Pat, my hairdresser won’t approve but I can’t exactly bring her with us, can I? She’s more of a resort kind of woman anyway. Camping is too rustic.

So this is going to be the last post before the S2S. Sincerely, I will try to post as often as I can. I can at least write something without the internet and then send it off when/if we can get a connection. We’ll take lots of pictures. Warning. I think the rats have come up with a cunning plan to photobomb the sights.

Au revoir!


Anonymous said...

have a wonderful adventure and return safely.

Mary said...

Have a marvelous time-what an adventure! I know what it is lke to travel without WiFi. I'll be right here when you get around to posting.

Heather said...

Bon voyage! Have a fabulous trip and safe return!