Thursday, February 13, 2014

Checking In

I don’t know why but I haven’t really been inspired to blog lately. It might help the non-blogging issue if I actually took some photos but I haven’t been in the mood for that either. Definitely a case of “camnesia”. It just seems like too much work. Bad damselfly.

Instead I’ve been reading, knitting, walking (when it isn’t raining), and madly adjusting sewing patterns. I haven’t even been cutting out the fabric yet though so no actual sewing has happened. I swear it takes as long to get the pattern prepped as it does to sew the darn thing. Anyway I figured that while I’m in the mood for playing with patterns then I should surf on that wave as far as it will take me. It will run out eventually. Probably when I hit a really complex fitting issue that I can’t immediately solve.

I also haven’t finished knitting anything since the Burning Embers Bandana Cowl. Yes, I know I haven’t really done a final FO post on it yet. It sure came in handy at yet another family birthday celebration last weekend out at Reifel Bird Sanctuary where it was really cold. It keeps my neck and chin really toasty. Such an excellent pattern! I’m using the last of the Burning Embers handspun for a pair of fingerless mitts to match. They’re nearly done. Unfortunately I got stalled on the Blue Socks for my niece’s boyfriend because I made the legs longer than I should have so that I’m running out of yarn before the toes. Grrr… Nothing else really works with the dark denim blue either so I’m not sure how to finish them. No, I’m not going to frog back.

Things have thawed out and warmed up around here after a rather chilly last week or so. The snowdrops and witch hazels are blooming and the early crocuses are coming out. I know – those still experiencing extreme winter don’t really want to hear about that!

So now you know I’m still here! More anon.


Suzanne said...

What yarn was that for the socks?

Heather said...

Glad you are still here! How about wild contrasting toes on the socks? Red and denim blue go together real well. Then again, I am the crazy lady with blue hair. Take no fashion advice from me!

Louisa said...

Yes, I've considered red! It might happen if I can't figure something out. And the yarn is typical superwash/nylon sock yarn - I think this one is Preface? (Not a common brand anyway.) I have another ball that I could try to dye but getting the same colour and value is iffy. Might try that option first though.

Perry said...

Hi Louisa,
..enjoyed your talk this evening, and I always enjoy reading your blog!

Louisa said...

And it was lovely meeting you too, Perry! Thanks for commenting here. Finally. ;)