Thursday, October 02, 2014

Desert To Ocean Trip – Part 12

The Wayback Machine finally grinds to a halt.


One last camping day, Day 35, and we continued up to lovely little Port Townsend where we did our usual little walkabout in the old town area before taking the ferry over to Whidbey Island. I only bought 2 items: a dragonfly button at Diva and ball of sock yarn for Thom at a new little yarn shop called Bazaar Girls. The latter is quite a large and bright shop in one of the heritage buildings in the old section of Port Townsend down by the water. They had spinning fibre as well as a large selection of yummy yarns and even some embroidery yarns and kits available. It looked like a fun place to hang out with a big work table and a friendly ambiance.

Yeah, no photos. Sorry.

Of course I also checked out several of the clothing shops as well. They have my style of funky garments and I had great fun trying to absorb some of the details without being able to photograph anything! Interesting to compare the different attitudes in each shop: one ignored me completely, one was very friendly and welcoming and the last was professional but not really interested unless I was going to buy something. Three guesses which one I liked best? OK, they also had the nicest stuff too. Heh. No, I didn’t have time to try anything on but I can guarantee nothing fits the way I like it to anyway. And I could make 4 or 5 garments or more for the price of just one piece…

Anyway, we caught the ferry…as in, pay and drive right on – totally unusual!…and went into cute little Coupeville for lunch. We both had oysters. Yum! And then drove up to Fort Ebey State Park for the last night out. We still had time for a walk along the bluff trail:


You can tell these cliffs get some serious weather, can’t you? We fell asleep on our last night out with the sound of waves and the bell buoy bonging softly. I kind of miss that sound.

Day 36 meant the last road home. We actually zipped across the border in jig time and got home at half-past-lunchtime. The house was still there when we got back. My sister D had stayed for a week while we were gone and took fabulous care of the homestead, garden included. (Love you, Sissy! Smooch!) Milady Daughter did a little checking up (and stealing tomatoes) too but was relieved to have her auntie take over. There’s still so much still to do before winter sets in. It’s kind of a shock coming back after 5 weeks of wandering. Though I do love my own bathroom. And laundry. A fridge that doesn’t need constant refilling with ice. And an oven! Joy. Never underestimate the small things in life, I say. That’s what our meanderings teach me every year. The rest is merely Stuffage. Or that’s what we call it. Extras. Baggage. Things. Nice to have but not really necessary. And this from the person who loves her things passionately too.

The only thing left was to unpack. Which somehow takes a shorter time but seems much harder than packing. 4 large loads of laundry and we still have very little food in the house. Apart from cheese! So we went out for sushi dinner. Man, how I missed it! Total ambrosia. OK, total wasabi! Our favourite local sushi joint can sure deliver the yummies. Now I know I’m home for sure.

Today was our Spectrum Study Group (which is why you had to wait longer for this post) and the only thing I had for our potluck lunch was…you guessed it. Cheese! Medium cheddar, smoked sharp cheddar and garlic white cheddar. Good thing we went crazy in Tillamook, huh? Plus some almond rice crackers. Close call. Saved by the cheese. Wallace would be pleased, no? (Even if it isn’t Wensleydale.) What did our group do this time? We shared Show-and-Tell from the Maiwa Symposium which I totally missed. And one member’s trip to Japan and some fabulous shibori classes. Now we’re planning to study more shibori for the next while. Perhaps a plan for some of my hankies from Dharma? And maybe some of the silk/wool twill too? And indigo. We need to make a nice strong vat. Haven’t had one of those for a long time.

So. What now that I’m home? I need to show you what fabrics I got and what I finished knitting. Coming soon! So many exciting plans, all of which were on hold for the last month-and-some.

Meanwhile I’m just happy to have an Internet that works! Yeah, small things…


Sharon in Surrey said...

Happy to see you back in one piece to a garden still producing - my everbearing strawberries are blooming again . . . but I think the bees have gone to bed. Was a nice surprise to see a bunch of reports on your trip appear. Was wondering if you'd run off permanently!! Sounds like you had a good time!!

Heather said...

Welcome back!!! It looks and sounds like you had a great trip. Thanks for the wonderful travelogue!