Saturday, December 17, 2016

Crystal Clear

I finally finished my Red Earth Candelia cardi! Of course after all the mods I made to it, it barely looks like the same pattern. I only had a couple of yards left of the yarn when I was finished. Cutting it very close! Nice to get a real project out of the Flaming Intersect leftovers since it took so much work to create that yarn. This sweater is loose enough to fit over the top of other layers. Warmth is important right now.

The photos don't show the exact colour because somehow I just can't capture it with my iPad camera. It's really a little darker and a little warmer. Oh well. You get the drift! Also there are little rainbows on me from the sun (!) shining through my crystal:

I've had that thing hanging in my window for literally decades. And you can see some of the snow that still remains outside. It's supposed to snow more tonight and tomorrow and then finally warm up and rain. Yuck! I also thought I would take a photo of the cool sculpture that our water garden has created all on its own:

It changes day by day and today it looks like the spout is trying to fill an ice bottle! I'll be sad when it melts. It's very interesting to watch in action. Yeah, it normally doesn't freeze much around here. And I'm easily amused.

Meanwhile, the little boro zipper pouch I showed you last time has gone to its happy forever home with a fellow weavers' guild member and in return I received these:

So cute! A tiny little sock and an equally tiny little hat encased in ornaments - including tiny dpns! I joked that I hoped that I didn't have to be the one to graft the sock toe. I also got a tiny wooden shuttle pin but didn't take a photo yet. It was a very pleasant party and I enjoyed meeting a new guild member who has come to us all the way from Washington, DC. She's quite new to spinning and weaving and I had to tell her not to apologise for that. Everyone has to start somewhere! I hope she will bring some of her projects next time for show and tell.

What else? Here's the small ripple blanket that I started to crochet instead of winding my blanket warp. (Procrastinating damselfly!)

The colours were just too pretty together so I rescued them out of the pile of wool and there's still plenty left for the blanket. If I ever get around to working on it again. Heh.

Anyhow the house smells lovely now that I've baked my yearly quota of butter tarts for our Solstice Dinner tomorrow night. The festivities just keep coming! Hope you are enjoying some fun times too.

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Sharon in Surrey said...

So nice to see you wearing something after all that work on that yarn!!! I hope it's nice & warm, brrrrrr. As always, I like the dash of color in your black/grey wardrobe!!! You should see MY closet with all it's Pink/Purple & a dash of Red!!! Blogger has been treating me badly lately so I can't blog but I still have almost 9" of snow everywhere except in the drive & alley which have only about 6. My new snow tires get me in & out quite nicely so I hope today's snow is minimal.