Wednesday, February 15, 2017


I'm not a huge fan of the "Hallmark Holidays" and Valentine's Day isn't huge on my social calendar because we're hopelessly romantic every day of the year! Despite my disclaimer, we had a lovely day yesterday. The weather was cloudy but relatively warm - at least compared to recent weeks. We drove out to Steveston and had a long walk on the dyke:

We saw lots of wildlife including this handsome bald eagle:

And a coyote hunting for lunch:

Several herons in different spots. Here's that one above closer up:

Plus lots of other birds including several different kinds of ducks. After our walk we went to a nice cafe for fish and chips. The management was handing out red roses to all the ladies so I got one. I think the guys should have gotten one too! It's only fair.

After yummy lunch we waddled over to the local yarn shop, Wool & Wicker, and I picked up an Addi circular that I needed for my next project. While I was at it I got another set of Heart Stoppers for my Addi Click set. They are just 2 little plastic hearts with a connector but they are stupid-expensive! However they are very useful especially when I leave Addi cords in my knitting as stitch holders while I use the tips elsewhere. Addi Click sets don't come with stoppers. They should have 4 at the minimum IMO. I've been stubbornly limping along for several years with only one set (as I said, they are stupid-expensive) but finally realised I really could use another. Now at least I have enough to hold 2 sleeves.

So of course now that I had a longer needle I cast on for the Isabel sweater the minute I got home! Nearly 400 stitches for my size and I managed to get them all on without running out of yarn tail. Yay. This one is going to take awhile but that's just fine with me. Meanwhile I'm nearly done the back of the Licorice tunic and have started spinning yet another skein so I'll be able to start on the front. If I run out of yarn before I've got the next skein ready I'll be knitting on either the new pair of socks for Thom (one of the skeins from the snow melt dye) or the Isabel. Talk about a grand case of startitis! I don't usually have more than 2 projects on the go, one portable and one not. Please stop me from starting any more!

Today it's raining cats and dogs and pink and blue elephants so I'm really glad we got our walk in yesterday.


Sharon in Surrey said...

WOW You're really feeling your oats!! Whereas I've finished the current pair of scrappy socks & have been begged for more . . . I think I'm stuck in this socker's rut. I AM a Robot!!

Louisa said...

Socks are always good to have on the go. Unless they're complicated, they're perfect as the project to accompany you everywhere. You can't knit too many either because they are a treasured gift.