Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Again. With Feeling.

I’m trying to keep my posts short just so I don’t lose so much when things screw up. Which they seem to be doing with inordinate frequency. Yes, Blogger’s own editor works. But only if you are online. One of the reasons I like Blogo so much is that you can work offline, queue up your posts and publish them when you have an Internet connection. Great for travelling when I might only have 15 minutes with adequate wifi to post anything. It just aggravates me no end that poor Blogo keeps getting stymied by every single iOS update. The last one took months to fix and poof! happens again only a short time later. I think they’re done. I can’t even get into their website to let them know what happened.

So lets have an OOTD, shall we?

Today I’m wearing my Forest Green Tunic (2017) over an old long-sleeved t-shirt bearing logos from Thom’s old workplace (at least 10 years old). The sweater is my Little Black Cardi (2015) and the socks are the Autumn Pomatomus (circa 2006). Plus the same Black Baggy Sweats and Birkenstocks as yesterday. I love the black and white triangle buttons from Maiwa although the buttonholes are slightly too large so they tend to slip out occasionally.

I have more to talk about but I’m going to try to publish this before I spend too much time on it! I’m still afraid something will go wrong.


pao said...

You look so arty, Louisa. And, of course, you are!

Louisa said...

Awww...thanks, sweetie!