Saturday, March 07, 2015

Oakmeal Cardi Refashion

Success! I finished fixing my Oakmeal Cardi (in my Ravelry projects here) and I’m very happy with the new updated version:

OakmealCardi refashion2 OakmealCardi refashion1

I like it much better now! Though it was really too warm to wear it. Heh. Note you can see part of my veggie garden waiting for planting and the nearly spent snowdrops that are attempting to take over my back yard.

All I did to the sweater was to unravel a couple of inches of the collar and bind it off again. Then I unravelled the cuffs, picked up the stitches and continued the cable pattern down until the sleeve was 14.5” from the underarm. (I have short arms! A whole 16” total from wrist to underarm. T-Rex short.) Lastly I decreased one stitch and knit the 3/3 ribbed cuffs to 5” long so they could be folded back. And there ya go! They still should be wet-blocked again but I settled for steaming the sleeve ends until it’s time to wash the whole sweater. And I had about 3 yards of that cone of yarn left when I was done. Pretty good stash-busting I’d say. And I have a warm sweater that I will wear more often now. Success.

Still working on the Little Black Cardi. I’m beginning to feel like I need a more portable project though. It’s hard to knit with black yarn and follow a lace pattern plus armhole shaping while watching TV or chatting. Neither of us really needs any more socks, gloves, hats or scarves but I need to find something that’s simple and not too awkward to carry about. Especially after tossing that big Oakmeal Cardi around for several days! However the next project I want to make is another one with wool prep and spinning to accomplish first. working from the stash, remember? More on this when I have something to show.

Meanwhile, I now have no excuse not to start planting seedlings. We had a lovely time yesterday going out to lunch with Thom’s mom (Thai food, yum) and then taking her out to the gardening shop. I got seed soil and some new starter pots, new gardening gloves, and a couple of new African violets for my kitchen windowsill.


Sharon in Surrey said...

The change in the sleeves & collar makes a real difference although, I still think it's too long. Glad to hear you really like the changes you've made. There's still a chance of cool weather but you'll be ready for next winter!!!

Louisa said...

I like it long. It's W A R M!!!

Dixie said...

Your sweater rehab was very successful. I like the long sleeves, and I think the overall length is fine. It looks great!

Louisa said...

Thanks, Dixie!

Heather said...

I can't believe that I've missed so many postings! Thom looks fabulous in his sweater, as do you in yours. Brilliant save on the too-long arms. And the black sweater will be gorgeous. All the spinnable fibre looks very tempting - I look forward to seeing what you make with it.

Louisa said...

Glad you're getting a chance to catch up, Heather! Sometimes Real Life gets in the way, doesn't it?