Tuesday, November 29, 2016


I had a photo for you yesterday but didn't get a chance to post it so you get a bonus today. And yes, I do need a haircut. Tomorrow hopefully. Before I trip over it. My hair grows fast according to Pat, my long-time hairdresser. No kidding. It's also fine, thick, mostly straight and rather prone to wild tangles if I let it grow out. Neither clips nor pins nor elastics will stay in. At one point in my youth it was down my back nearly to my waist but wouldn't behave so it lived mostly in braids. Then I figured if I had to keep it in permanent bondage I might as well chop it off. Over time it got shorter and shorter until it was nearly a crewcut. That was sure easy to care for! Then I decided I was tired of the proportions (I have a small head) so I grew it out some. I'm very happy with the style I have now. However it still needs trimming every 5 weeks and I've put it off too long. It's nearly as long as it was when I got back from our cross-country trip! Time to lower my ears, as my old poppy would say.

Anyway here's yesterday's outfit where I'm covered in lots of wool:

  • Beaded beret, MM (handspun too, pre-Ravelry)
  • Grace's Frolic scarf, MM
  • Red-brown dress, MM (self-drafted, stretch knit)
  • Falklands Flare pullover sweater, MM (handspun too)
  • Brown twill jacket, MM (Katherine Tilton's B5891)
  • Happy Legs tights, MM
  • Pettipants, MM (a bifurcated slip!)
  • Self-striping socks, MM (pre-Ravelry)
  • Darkness gloves, MM (did I forget to put these in Ravelry?)
  • Red Blundstone boots

Dressed for: A walk downtown to see "Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them". Fantastic!

And here's today's outfit:

  • Woad Percy scarf, MM (dyed in my own woad)
  • Grey stretch bamboo t-shirt, MM (self-drafted)
  • Charcoal grey stretch cotton tunic, MM (self-drafted)
  • Black ruched capri pants, MM
  • Spring Sky socks, MM (dyed in my own indigo
  • Black Birkenstocks

Dressed for: Back to my friend's house to help thread her loom. Her house is very hot compared to mine!

Whew! That took some research. Gotta go have some lunch before I'm expected at my friend's house. Good thing she only lives a few blocks away.


Sharon in Surrey said...

I am all for the COLOR as you well know. Love it in the little scarf & socks!! that tunic looks very comfy too. Must be your old favorite Tilton pattern.

spinne said...

I love your different outfits!

pao said...

Yes, you always look dressed for comfort, yes. But for fun too!

Louisa said...

Thank you my dears!